Die Alten Meister von der Gotik bis zum Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts: Roger van der Weyden (Columba-Alater), Albrecht Altdorfer’s Alexanderschlacht, Albrecht Dürer mit Selbstportrait im Pelzrock und die Vier Apostel, Peter Paul Rubens mit dem Jüngsten Gericht, Raffael mit der Madonna Tempi, Antony van Dyck, Leonardi da Vinci, Rembrandt von Rijn, Tiepolo, Madame de Pompadour – weltberühmte Gemälde europäischer Kunst. König Ludwig I. hat dieses Museum seinem Volk gewidmet, damit sich jedermann an diesen einmaligen Kunstwerken erfreuen kann.

Barbara Schöne, Offizielller Gästeführer seit 40 Jahren

Old Pinakothek

This is one of the oldest and finest art galleries in the world. Over 800 European mastrpieces retrace the history of paintinbg from the Middle Ages to the end of the Tococoperiod. The Venetian scholl is represented by master painter Titian, as is Dutch Baroque by Frans Hals. Rubens (with one of the world largest collections of his works) occupies the center of the museum. Other hightlights are the paintings by Old German masters Altdorfer and Dürer, including the latter’s outstanding self-portrait from 1500 and ir _Four Apostels (1526).

The impressive building of the „Alte Pinakothek“ (Old Art Gallery) was designed by Leo von Klenze and completed in 1836 to be considered an architectural masterpiece – to become a model for other museums from Rome to Saint Petersburg. The building in the style of Italian Renaissance already gives you an idea of what kind of sightseeing and treasures it hides inside. I will guide you to the rooms on the upper level to show you some of the 800 paintings from the 14th – 18th century. You will get an almost entire view of the European paintings of this time: Dürer, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci or Peter Paul Rubens – the master of the Flemish Baroque – are only some of the artists whose creations are displayed here.

Entrance on Sundays: 1 EUR per person

Barbara Schoene, your tour guide since 40 years