The Augustine monastery in Berchtesgaden was founded in1080. Old world houses, the castle and the Gothic Church of St. Peter and t. John form the historical park of the town.

Other well known attractions are the salt works, the documentation center on the Obersalzberg and Hilter’s summer residence, also known as the Eagle’s Nest.

The Königsee lies between high mountain ridges in a romantic national park, a silent boat rides to see St. Bartholomae Chapel is mostly recommended.

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Obersalzberg Eintritt ins Museum und das Tunnelsystem der NSDAP
Tunnel (Stollen) – bereits ausgebaut und für Besucher zugänglich
Im Museum: Eingang in den öffentlichen Bereich des Tunnelsystems für Adolf Hilter und seine NSDAP
Das Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest) in dem Eva Braun auch Benito Mussolini empfing
Gipfelkreuz vor der Kulisse rund um Berchtesgaden und Königsee – ein Lieblingsort für Filmdrehs

The extension building at the Obersalzberg will only be finished in Winter 2021/2022 and – at the end – will cost more than 30 Million Euros. Until then, the tunnel system of the Nazis can be visited in the Documentation Center Obersalzberg. As the Allied Forces destroyed the Nazi-Villas all around Obersalzberg at the end of World War II, it is recommended to visit the Documentation Center for videos, photos and a historic map on display.