Oberammergau – The Passion Play – Les Jeux de la Passion

Oberammergau – The Passion Play – Les Jeux de la Passion

Oberammergau Passion Play 2022

The 42nd Passion Play 2022 Oberammergau and the art of woodcarving made Oberammergau to a world-known mountain village. The international resort at an altitude of 2600 feet is surrounded by mountains. There is always season in Oberammergau. It is one of the most charming winter and summer resorts in the Bavarian Alps.

Since 1634, the inhabitants of this quaint village called Oberammergau perform the passion play in Upper Bavaria in Southern Germany as a tradition. Different authors wrote the text for the Oberammergau drama: Weis, Daisenberger, Huber, Christian Stückl, Marcus Zwink and locals of Oberammergau. Dedler composed the music. Since its first production, it has been shown on open-air stages in the village. 

Unfortunately due to the Corona-Pandemie alls over Europe the Passion Play 2020 had to be postponed until 2022. As result 500 000 tickets had to be returned as the authorities did not believe that the play could be performed until October 2020. So sorry. Yet this year 2022 the Passion Play will start Mai 14 and last until the end of October 2022.

Thousands of Amerdicans, Canadians and other nationalities will enjoy the play as it will will take place in the “Festspielhaus”, in which the stage is open while the audience sits in the Festival House underneath a roof. Sometimes the spectators need a blanket due to the wind that might come from the open-air stage.

Pure history

The text of the play comprises four distinct manuscripts dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. English speaking guests buy a little text book to be able to follow what happens on stage. The play is performing the passion of Jesus Christ covering the short final period of his life from his visit to Jerusalem and leading to his execution by crucifixion. 

In 1633, the inhabitants of this picturesque Bavarian village vowed that if God spared them from a terrible disease called plague ravaging the region, they would produce a play thereafter forever every 10 years depicting the life and death of Jesus Christ.  The death rate among adults had risen in October 1632 to 1633. After their vow, the adult death rate slowly came down to one in the month of July 1633. The residents believed that God had spared them and thus kept their part of the vow. The first performance of the passion play took place in Oberammergau in 1634, one year later.


The passion play is now performed over the course of five months in summer during every year ending in zero. Last time in 2010, 102 performances took place from May 15 until October 3. The drama is now re-scheduled for 2022.

The production 2020 would have involved over 2000 performers, musicians and stage technicians. They all are residents of the village. The play comprises spoken dramatic text, musical and choral music as well as pictures. These are scenes from the Old Testament depicted for the audience by motionless actors accompanied by verbal description. These scenes are the basis for the typology, the interrelationship between the Old and the New Testaments.

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Les Jeux de la Passion à OBERAMMERGAU

Oberammergau est connu dans le monde entier par ses Jeux de la Passion et l‘ art de sculpture sur bois. Ce lieu est un village moderne et international. Il est situé dans la vallée de l‘ Ammer an Haut Bavière. En chaque saison le village offre un séjour intéressant. Les établissements sportifs pour l’ hiver et l’ été contribuent à réalisier un séjour inoubliable.

Les prochains Jeux de la Passion seront dans l’ année 2022 parce que l’ épidemie Corona ne permet pas les jeux cette année 2020 comm prèvu auparavent.

Alte Post in Oberammergau mit Jesus Christus am Kreuz - eine traditionelle Lüftlmalerei
An schönen alten Hausfassaden in Oberammergau wird die Tradition der Lüftlmalerei noch sehr gepflegt.

Passionsspiele in Oberammergau 2022

Die Oberammergauer Passionspiele gehen auf ein Pestgelübde von 1633 zurück. Die Spiele finden in diesem Jahr 2022 zum 42. Mal statt. Die Premiere ist nun am 14. Mai 2022. Es werden rund 500 000 Besucher aus aller Welt erwartet. Für die Vorbereitung des Gelübdespiels hat der Ort bisher 15 Millionen Euro ausgegeben.

Aktuelle Informationen finden Sie auf der Website der Passionspiele.